There’s a new kind of tourist emerging..

Some are buying vans, converting them into apartments on wheels and touring the continent. Others are weekend warriors, taking local road trips and discovering local gems. Some are digital nomads, working from anywhere in this version of the new “normal”. We all have something in common– we’re looking to live like a local, wherever we are.  We’re looking to eat, drink, and be merry at the most memorable restaurants, bars, and cafes that a town or city has to offer. We’re looking for the best hikes, beaches and bike rides that money can’t buy. And along the way, most of us look for talismans to remember the places we’ve been and memories we’ve made.

A Destination Guide for the New Age of Exploration

At Travel Agent Apparel, we believe the meaningful moments are found beyond the sensationalized attractions and overcrowded places found in every. travel guide. ever. made. In the age of big box stores, tourist traps and cheap souvenirs, Travel Agent was created out of a love for off-the-beaten-path surf spots, hiking trails, skateparks and the funky tap rooms, taquerias, book stores, road houses and other must-stops along the way. We’re connoisseurs of worthwhile travel experiences and strong advocates of supporting local businesses. We're also passionate designers on a mission to create memorabilia for these must-go-to destinations that is as unique as the experience itself. Together these places are the essence of a community, they are what make a town or city special. These are places worth knowing.

We Believe...

Supporting Local Business Matters

Independently owned businesses and the mom and pop shops are what keep local towns and cities vibrant and unique. They are the backbone of a community, and we know just how much supporting them reinforces the local economy and benefits the entire community by creating jobs and keeping the money where it matters most.

The Outdoors are for Everyone

While it’s true that natural spaces are usually best unspoiled by human interference, we don’t believe in gatekeeping. Beautiful spaces are meant to be shared– just as long as you leave them better than you found them. The same goes for the local dives and hole-in-the-wall finds. Enjoy, but respect the local culture.

But above above all else

In Respect for the Earth

We’re promoters of roaming and exploration, but with this privilege comes holding up our end of the bargain. We strongly believe in and support Leave No Trace principles, eco-tourism, and respect for the environment. Exploring these places consciously and intentionally is essential to preserving them for future generations.


Our Products

As part of our commitment to keep it local, we exclusively use Made in California T-shirts from Harvester Clothing Co., and we print them locally using eco-friendly and super soft water-based screenprinting inks. Harvester Co. shirts are soft yet durable, come in great colors, and are crafted with an exceptional fit for both men and women. Our other tried-and-true garments are hand selected for quality, fit, color, and relevance to current fashion trends.

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Woman-Powered Business

Cecily Benzon

Owner/Director of Sales

A native of Sonoma, California Cecily Benzon developed an affinity for the culinary arts and a deep appreciation for some of the world’s most notable wines. After years in the restaurant biz, she leapt into another leading industry in the Bay Area–tech. Over the next 15 years she worked on multi-media marketing plans to reach developers and end users through events, digital marketing, custom content creation, and print. Ready for the next challenge, and wanting to make her life-long dream of making apparel a reality, she quit her job and worked as an apprentice under a local garment manufacturer and screen printer. She quickly found her calling, and Travel Agent Apparel was born. An endeavor which truly encompasses all of her passions and her experience.

Marika Israelson

Co-Owner/Creative Director

Born to a family of designers in the high and dry desert of Sedona, AZ, Marika quickly developed an eye for arts and a thirst for adventure. In less than 3 decades she’s led multiple lives, including one as a glass artist, one in Hawaii, another managing a fine art gallery, and now, a persistent one as a graphic designer and professional adventurer. Over the years, she’s spent countless hours and miles road-tripping the United States, taking backroads, befriending locals, hiking the landscape, and sampling local brews and bites. After arriving in the vast and special place that is Sonoma County, she discovered the ultimate sweet spot between her interests (hint, you’re looking at it)! The cross section between the art of screen printing and apparel design, and the love of travel and experience, has landed her here–to stay.