Cafe Aquatica

This tiny coastal cafe is postcard perfect

Cafe Aquatica is postcard perfect. It’s perched on the edge of the Russian River just before it empties into the sea. The crisp air and steam from a thoughtfully brewed cup of coffee blend together creating an extraordinary aromatherapy to help finally exhale. Cell service is spotty, and trust us, it's better that way. Take a moment to catch your breath.


"Cafe Aquatica is postcard perfect."

"We're keeping it coastal," says owner Rachel Kulinski. "We're just focusing on the seasonal and the organic." 

Kulinski was an employee at the cafe, but she purchased the business in October 2018. She knows she's got a good thing going and is seeking to build on what's working. The cafe is small, cozy, and rustic but the food and drink is top-shelf. The crab sandwich on fresh-baked bread brioche and brothy clam chowder spot-on, as are the made-from-scratch, buttery pastries and locally roasted coffee.


"The cafe is small, cozy, and rustic but the food and drink is top-shelf."

The deck out back got expanded and covered so you can enjoy the views in all kinds of weather. On the weekends you'll hear local musicians strumming from the riverside stage. There is also a selection of locally made items—hand-carved spoons, waxed canvas lunch bags, fruit preserves—that are perfect for taking on a hike or picnic. You'll also find a curated display of art from local creatives, both on the walls and for sale inside.


"On the weekends you'll hear local musicians strumming from the riverside stage."

You can also take Cafe Aquatica to go, of course, packing scones and coffee as you head further north up Highway One to the Jenner Headlands, or as you paddle the adjacent river on kayak or paddle board, listening to the live music waft over the water as ospreys glide overhead and harbor seals bob and dive.

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If You Go...
ATMOSPHERECasual, cozy, seaside dining.
IF YOU GOOutside, in one of the weathered Adirondack chairs is where you want to be.
SIDE NOTEKeep an eye out for wildlife like osprey and river otters. 



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