Sebastopol, CA

Sebastopol California Hat

$24 $28

West County Mecca

Originally renowned for its abundant Gravenstein apple orchards and Christmas tree farms, Travel Agent's hometown is a master of reinvention. Hippies and conservative farmers have co-existed for generations without (too) much drama, and the town prides itself in locally-owned shops and keeping out the big-box bad boys. As the Russian River wine appellation has grown in popularity in the last decade, Sebastopol has exploded with wineries and chic restaurants, but despite the influx of tourists and money, the town manages to honor its down-home roots.

Structured, high-profile, six-panel, flat bill with snapback closure. One size fits all. Every hat comes with its local story tag, a Sebastopol sticker, and a Travel Agent sticker. Offered in Black.

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