Fishetarian Fish Market

Fishetarian fills a gap in Bodega Bay

Here’s an enduring truth. Harbors are great places to buy fresh fish, to watch the fishing fleet return from a day on the water and to take in the maritime views. But unless you like your seafood on the fried side, harbors are not a good place to eat. Fried means greasy and it also usually means frozen.

"Harbors are great places to buy fresh fish, to watch the fishing fleet return.."

That’s why Fishetarian Fish Market is a one-of-a-kind place. Owners Dana and Shane wanted to open a place that showcased what Bodega Bay is known for: great seafood. They have done that with a great menu of fresh, locally caught fish and shellfish. The restaurant overlooks Bodega Bay Harbor and the food is outstanding as the lines out the door make clear.

"Fishetarian is a one-of-a-kind place."

But don’t let the prospect of waiting in line put you off. You’ll need a few minutes to decide what to eat from a menu loaded with great choices like fish tacos, fresh crab sandwiches, locally caught rockfish and oysters hauled in from Tomales Bay just a few miles to the south. And then there’s the clam chowder. Every January Bodega Bay hosts a clam chowder festival and Fishetarian is always a standout. The secret? I don’t know, but I do know the cilantro and lighter, less goopy texture sets it apart.

  "It’s all worth the wait and a trip to Bodega Bay."

The display case is stocked with fresh fish and also offers great side dishes like seaweed salad and tuna poke. As you wind your way to the cash register there’s a seemingly endless array of premium chocolate, snacks, wine, crackers and other assorted goodness vying for your attention. And the deep list of craft beer and kombucha require at least a few minutes of perusal. It’s all worth the wait and a trip to Bodega Bay.

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